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The Wetzel’s

The Wetzel's moved from Billings for work. Their timing was impeccable; they bought before the rise and before the housing shortage we are plagued with today. The yard was very important to them, 🏠 ⛹️‍♂️❀️ πŸ€ 🏈 they are a very active family and enjoy the outdoors - read testimonial and customer feedback.

The Wetzel’s2024-01-09T08:56:21-07:00

Mary & Ty Williams

As a Realtor you never want to get attached to the property, it needs to be an emotionLESS process, emotion weakens your position. When I first talked to Mary and she told me what she was looking for I was like... "That's exactly the type of home I would want". Well I would say everything worked-out ok... they chose the first property I sent them :) - read testimonial and customer feedback.

Mary & Ty Williams2024-01-09T08:56:21-07:00

Hotchkiss Family

The Hotchkiss family moved to Helena from Arizona to be closer to family. Their purchase was a reminder that "things happen for a reason"; after an offer on one property fell-through. We found another amazing home shortly after and they have not looked back πŸ‘€ 🏠 and as you can see by this photo of Mason the 1st day in their new home was a good one 🏑 🎯 β™‘ - read testimonial and customer feedback.

Hotchkiss Family2024-01-09T08:56:21-07:00

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