What did you like most about your home?

Our home had everything we were looking for, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living space and square footage, in our price range. In the market we were dealing with, that was a miracle!

Was location most important to you and if so why?

Location was a huge factor for us. We were moving from out of town so we didn’t have a specific neighborhood we were hoping for, but we wanted to be in a quiet neighborhood where the kids could ride bikes and play outside with other kids in the neighborhood. When we drove into the neighborhood where the house was, we loved it. And our home was right across the street from a large park! This was our fifth home purchase, we knew what we wanted and we knew that location is the one thing that you can’t change about a house!

What did you like best when working with TransAct and what could have TransAct done better to handle your transaction?

Vince at TransAct was awesome. He showed us so many homes and was always very patient with us. We were dealing with a seller’s market, and he understood our urgency and always had our best interests in mind. At one point, driving away from a home he had shown us, we passed a home that was for sale by owner. He very graciously stepped aside while we spoke with the owner. When that didn’t pan out, he was so kind about taking us back! We never felt like we were a payday to him. The day we closed, the transmission blew on the truck we were driving. He helped us get to his trusted mechanic and leant us a vehicle, that could pull our trailer, so we could get home to our kids. He truly went above and beyond! We would recommend him to anyone.

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